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Showing We Care for Those Near and Far

Nursing Home Ministry

Visiting the local nursing homes is a great opportunity to share the Gospel and minister to the elderly in the community. The current director of the nursing home ministry, Mr. Clarence (Bucky) Caston, prepares a monthly preaching program to share with the elderly. During these services, he presents a clear Gospel message, usually followed by song and an invitation to learn more about God's gift of salvation. Often we have found these adults are simply needing a soul to listen to them and the brief fellowship after the services have brought blessings and comfort to both individuals.

Vacation Bible School

There are just three simple words to describe VBS at Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church of Newburgh, NY — FUN! FUN! FUN! We believe that our youth is our future. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to train up our little ones in the loving grace of hte Lord Jesus, so that they too can learn to live a blessed life in His will. Vacation Bible School has proven to be an effective tool to open the Gospel to children of all ages. Our church provides puppet shows, crafts, games and snacks along with a carefully selected unique theme each year—all which are centered around God and His ultimate sacrifice for us.

Community Evangelism

At Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church we believe that the church has a great responsibility to share the gospel and minister to the community.  For the last three years, Lighthouse has participated in several local community days during the summer. At these events, we have had the opportunity to  share the gospel one on one with hundreds of people in our community, and have even had the blessing of leading many of them to Christ.

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