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Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church was established March 11, 2007. What started as a small Bible study, soon progressed into a Bible believing church. It was clear to see that God was leading this small work into the town of Newburgh, New York.

The church began meeting in Pastor McCaw's home with three faithful families. During that time, Pastor Corey McCaw filled in as the temporary pastor until the church members could find another eligible candidate. While Brother McCaw knew for years that the Lord was calling him to enter the ministry, after ten years of struggling with the decision, he felt it was best to let someone else take up the opportunity. As time went by though, he began to see more clearly that the Lord was leading him to take up that office. With much prayer, he surrendered to the Lord's leading completely, and took up the challenges of this ministry work in Newburgh.

As the congregation began to grow to over fifty people, they knew the pastor's basement would no longer be able to adequately accomodate this church body. So, as time passed, the Lord provided their first church building, transforming a former flower shop in the midst of the Newburgh burrough. How appropriate that this place of growth and flourishment for God's creation, became a place for the new church location. The church continued to grow not only with more members, but more importantly in the grace and power of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in the knowledge of His precious and infallible Word.

Unfortunately, rough storms hit our location very hard recently, causing severe flooding to our building, and forcing us to reconvene temporarily in the pastor's home again. Despite the setback, our spirits are not diminished in any way, and we are enjoying the close fellowship with each other and with the Lord. We even have lunch and fellowship together after the morning service! We hope you will take the opportunity to check us out in person. Take a look below at some remarks from other pastors regarding Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church, and see more testimonials about how some of our members feel about our church on our home page.

Testimonial from a couple fellow pastors...

"In a day when opinions and diverse doctrines prevail, disillusionment among those who would truly like to understand the Bible is at an all time high. Having met and gotten to know Pastor Cory McCaw and the people of Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church over the past few years, I am convinced that the people of Orange County have no reason to live in such frustration. Lighthouse is blessed to have a pastor who believes in teaching the Bible.

Having been a student of the word of God he is well able to assist you in your desire to understand the Bible. He strives to maintain a balance between a strong doctrinal emphasis and a beneficial practical application of the scriptures. He truly has a pastor's heart and shares a genuine desire, with his wife Lisa, to be a help to people. Besides the strong Bible teaching ministry, Lighthouse Baptist Church has some of the finest people you'll ever meet. While many churches struggle with disunity and relationship issues, this church enjoys a wonderful spirit of unity in fellowship and purpose.

I have pastored in Ohio for the past 25 years, but if I lived in the Orange County area, I would attend Lighthouse. If you desire to have a better understanding of the Bible, I would encourage you to check them out." ~Pastor Joel Greer, Branch Hill Baptist Church of Loveland, OH

"It has been my privilege to speak for Pastor Corey McCaw on a number of occasions through the years. I have the highest regard for both his church and his family. I would strongly recommend Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church to anyone who is searching for a solid Bible believing work." ~Dr. William P. Grady (Dr. Grady has been a noted evangelist for many years and author of several Christian works including: The Final Authority , Given By Inspiration, What Hath God Wrought, How Satan Turned America Against God.)

"The days that we live in now are filled with anxiety and frustration as we navigate through life. Everywhere we turn we see defeat and despair. Life can have us beat down with depression and hopelessness. Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church is the place to go to find the answer to these problems. Pastor McCaw and the folks at Lighthouse are adept in the Word of God and will deem it an honor and privilege to show you true peace and happiness found therein. The Lord Jesus Christ is waiting for you to come to Him and to forgive your sin and give you the eternal gift of salvation.

The folks at Lighthouse are waiting to share the Lordís gift with you found in His Word. I have known the pastor and many of the people at Lighthouse for many years and know that they are anxious for your visit. Every community has a church that loves the Lord Jesus Christ above all else and are excited about sharing that love with others. Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church is that church for Newburgh and the surrounding areas. Please give Lighthouse a visit soon and find the peace of God that passes all understanding." ~Pastor Steve Carpenter, Lynwood Baptist Church Hadley, NY

A Desire to Serve the Lord and Walk in His Light

Our mission at Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church of Newburgh, New York is to perfect the saints, minister and edify the body of Christ (Eph. 4:12). We strive to worship our Creator and Savior in spirit and in truth (Jn. 4:24), and to demonstrate our love for the Lord by developing a closer understanding of Him and His Word, the Bible, and by our service for His glory (Rev. 4:11).

As our church's name aptly depicts, we pray that we will always be a light in this dark and blinded world, and that we will be able to help direct others to a saving knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ though our fervent soulwinning efforts and loving discipleship in order to better apply God's Word to every aspect of the Christian life and glorify God in word and deed.

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